Initiatives for LGBTQ2S+ Communities in Rural Alberta
Join panelists from successful initiatives across our province as well as Dr Lars Hallstrom from the Alberta Centre for Rural Sustainable Communities as we ask the question: what does it take to take a vision for a rural LGBTQ2S+ community and make it a reality?

Intersectionality and Accessibility in Rural Initiatives
Are our rural initiatives inviting, inclusive spaces? We intend for our initiatives to support everyone in our community, but are we always successful? If we aren’t how can we make them better? Our panel will explore how to make rural initiatives more accessible and intersectionally aware.

Relations between LGBTQ2S+ Communities and Faith Communities
It’s a longstanding cliche that the faith community and the LGBTQ2S+ community are like cats and dogs – destined for conflict. History is full of such conflicts, many still persist today, but does it always need to be so? This panel will explore those conflicts in rural Alberta and whether another way is possible.